Catering Potatoes

  • Professionally Peeled
  • Freshly Chipped
  • Hassle Free
  • Fresh Vacuum Packed 10kg Bags

Time-saving and convenience, as well as quality, are huge factors for many food service clients and we have adapted to meet those needs with our new freshly peeled, pre-chipped and vacuum packed potatoes.

Chip shops, restaurants, deli’s and food manufacturer’s all over Ireland are enjoying the convenience of our pre-prepared potatoes with longer shelf life – and our trademark premium quality.

First, we’ll help you choose the best seasonal potato variety for your needs. Then we’ll expertly wash, peel, chip and vacuum pack your order in airtight bags to lock in freshness and goodness. Easily transported, our 10kg bags of vacuum packed whole and chipped potatoes are ready to use and easy to store. They will stay in perfect eating condition for up to 5 days.

  • Freshly Peeled Whole Potatoes – 10kg bag   –  Best sellers: Maris Piper, Cabaret, Navan
  • Fresh Peeled & Chipped Potatoes – 10kg bag  –  Best Sellers: Markies, Maris Piper, Cyprus

McCormack Potatoes are one of the premier potato suppliers for Northern & Republic of Ireland. Our product range is envied within the industry and we supply top restaurants and hotels with the service and quality they require. Call today and chat to Barry McCormack about all your potato requirements.
Did you Know? We have recently invested over £100,000 in new state-of-the-art peeling and chipping equipment. [ Read the story here ]