Nature’s Harvest – celebrating 20 years as the trusted family favourite.

Local families and retailers have always trusted Nature’s Harvest potatoes for their consistent quality, flavour, freshness and all year round availability. We’re proud to offer one of Northern Ireland’s best loved and most enduring potato brands.

Launched in 1996, Nature’s Harvest continues to delight customers with only the finest seasonal potatoes, sourced from the very best growers and delivered with loving care from field to fork.

Retailing at all good supermarkets across the province, Nature’s Harvest potatoes are a familiar favourite in grocery aisles and the range now includes New! Chippers – plus check out our fantastic new colour-coded packaging!

Nature’s Harvest – Quality Eating, Naturally Tasty

  • Quality & Variety – 17 seasonal lines of consistently good-eating potatoes:
    Maris Piper, Kerr’s Pinks, Rooster, Queens, Cyprus, Cabaret, Navan, Baby Potatoes, Premium, Chippers.
  • Versatility & Seasonality – award-winning chipping potatoes, the most flavoursome, floury table potatoes, perfect baby potatoes and premium seasonal varieties.
  • New! Colour-coded packaging – find your favourite variety more easily
  • New! Chippers – the perfect potatoes for chips, wedges and roasties.


Package Options:  7.5kg  |  2kg
McCormack Potatoes Package Options Premium

Our classic Premium quality potatoe grown in Ireland. This potatoe is one of our best sellers because it is the taste of home. A great all rounder they can be cooked in their shape, mashed and chipped for great results every time. Check out our recipie page for meal ideas for this family favourite.


Package Options:  7.5kg  |  2kg

The Queens variety is an early maturing crop which stands out with its white to yellow skin and white flesh.  It has excellent flavour and floury texture and an Irish classic. It is a versatile all rounded high dry matter variety suitable for baking, mashing, roasting and frying.


Package Options:  7.5kg  |  5kg  |  2kg

Maris Piper’s fluffy texture delivers crispy skins and fluffy centred potatoes every time. These are fabulously versatile, they can be used for wedges, chips, roasts and mashed potatoes. Why not shake your favourite spice blend on your wedges before popping them in the oven. Yum.


Package Options:  7.5kg  |  5kg  |  2kg

Kerr’s Pink’s where introduced into Ireland in  1917. In 2002 it accounted for 25% of potato production in the Ireland making it the nation’s second largest variety. These potatoes have an irregular round shape and a distinctive pink colour with deep eyes. They are quite floury and starchy and are of good eating quality with a high dry matter ideal for any potato recipie.


Package Options:  7.5kg  |  2kg

The Rooster has a disctinctive red skin and is highly regarded in the restaurant trade as a premium potato. Roosters are proving popular with an ever more descerning customer with their light earthy tones that really impact on flavour. They are excellent boiled in their shape, mashed with butter and milk or exceptional roasties.


Package Options:  0.75kg

Although petite in size the Baby Potato deliveries a lot of taste. They are light skinned and very easy to cook. Left in their skins and boiled or steamed, they are an ideal accompanyment to salads either warm or cold, and great for stirring in Pesto or garlic.


Package Options:  2kg

Our Cabaret Potatoes were developed in 2001 from a cross between Maris Piper and Morag strain and are floury potatoes particularly good for baking and roasting. They have been commonly used as French Fries in America.


Package Options:  2kg

Created in Northern Ireland in 1987, the Navan Potato has a floury texture and offers great versatility in the kitchen. They have fast become a family favourite suitable for boiling and baking with great results.


Package Options:  2kg

The red clay soil of Cyprus is perfect for growing these distinctive potatoes and we particularly enjoy them in Ireland. Cyprus potatoes are ideal for both boiling and baking, and they also make very good chips.


Package Options:  5kg

Our AWARD WINNING CHIPPERS appeals to chip loving families and take the guess work out of choosing the best season. Our Chippers helped Dolphin Takeaway, Dungannon scoop the Regional Winner (NI) title in the prestigious National Fish & Chip Awards 2016 for Best Regional Chip Shop. Can’t say better than that.